Saturday, July 27, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Nona- Peeking up from her game to check on the parakeets. I love her little smile. She looks like Amelie Poulain here, oui?
Dashiel- Computer lab time. It was humorous to watch him race. Every so often, he would lean over to see if the boy next to him was winning, leaving his car to smash into anything and everything. I think in this picture, his car ran into a lake!

Following along with Che & Fidel with 52.
Favorites this week- Alice and Vicente, Ronan, and Jacob!

This week we visited our local library. Wow, I had no idea how far libraries have come! We make our way into the children's section and we walk into a whimsy light forest. The kids let go of my hand and dart inside! I try to focus their attention and we start to make rounds. First the aquarium, then- chalk table, giant abacus, parakeets, frogs, tarantulas, puzzle table, computer lab...etc. It was hard to get them to pick out books but we finally settled on a few. I even found some great French language dvds(Muzzy) for children. In the end, I had to drag my children out of the library, promising to come back tomorrow. What a wonderful problem to have!

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  1. Oh Nona! How adorable are you?

    And Dashiel those eyes!

    Lovely photos of your two very beautiful children.